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The Chocolate breitling replica watches ref. is rare as such. ST 145.022-69 explains that this dial is only possible with a limited number of serial numbers.

The Chocolate breitling replica watches ST 145.022–69 ((c) Revolution

Modern breitling replica watchess will never develop this patina. Omega has made huge strides in manufacturing processes to ensure that dials don't turn brown from oxidation. This was a common problem since the 1960s and 1970s.

Here's the cool part: Omega has produced a brown dial version the breitling replica watches, which resembles its former tropical dial incarnations.

From 2007 to 2013, the references 311. (on steel bracelet; current price between US$ 5,500-6500) and 311., on brown leather strap; current price between US$ 5,000-6,000). Both were fitted with subtle brown dials. The two references were largely invisible until recently. Collectors are focusing more on breitling replica watchess with other dials than the black ones, which could explain the increased interest.

Both the 311. (42mm steel) and 311. (42mm steel) were breitling replica watchess. The 1863 movement is the chronograph caliber of the 1861, but it uses a shuttle cam mechanism rather than a column-wheel. The 1863 movement has Geneva stripes, and is decorated with additional ornamentation.

You might be asking yourself why you would spend the time decorating a reliable chronograph movement. The breitling replica watches Professional Moonwatch Chocolate has a transparent caseback,IWC Portofino Replica which is why it's one of very few watches that have this feature.

The caliber 1863 is seen through the transparent caseback on the breitling replica watches Professional Moonwatch Chocolate, ref. 311. ((c) Revolution)

The watch was produced in limited numbers, but the seven-year production run does ensure that there are a few. These watches are difficult to find because they have not been seen before recently, whether on the bracelet or leather strap.